Generally, most airlines allow the use of CPAP machines as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The airlines are informed at least 48 hours before departure via your travel agent, or an airline representative
  2. Your CPAP device fits can be stowed under the seat or in the overhead bins (ResMed CPAP machines are small enough).
  3. A copy of your physician's letter on the need for you to use your CPAP device.
  4. A copy of the FAA Compliance Letter for ResMed devices.
  5. A copy of the ResMed Travel Letter for ResMed deices.

Some other helpful tips on preparing for your flight:
  • Do not use your humidifier onboard an aircraft. Empty the water tank before transport
  • Use distilled or ionized water for your humidifier
  • Bring along the correct power adapter
  • Your CPAP machine can use almost any type of power including those on an aircraft (110v, 400 Hz).
  • Your CPAP machine will automatically compensate for the ambient environment as a result of altitude changes.

For your convenience, we have provided the direct links on the use and restrictions of CPAP devices on-board for some of the more popular airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines
    • Accepts CPAP Machines subject to approval and under-seat space availability
    • Inform travel agent at least 48 hours before flight.
    • May not have in-flight power available depending on aircraft
  • Emirates Airlines
    • Device must be approved by FAA
    • Must submit physician's letter to airline agent 48 hours before flight that specifics if device is required for part or whole flight, user's ability to operate the device and respond to error messages.
    • Short-circuit proof batteries to be used